May 22, 2020 – On March 19th, Governor Newsom issued Executive Order N-33-20, requiring all persons residing in the State to remain in their homes or places of residence, except as needed to maintain the continuity of operations for critical infrastructure

Nevada County Health Officer, Dr. Ken Cutler, issued a local Order to clarify that while short-term lodging facilities may help temporarily house local homeless and displaced populations or critical infrastructure workers, they should not house people for non-essential needs such as short-term vacation rentals. This revised Nevada County Order clarifies that these short-term lodging facilities may be rented for stage 2 business travel as well as essential service workers and for isolated housing for COVID impacted persons. Further, this revised Order defines short-term lodging to include campgrounds and RV parks as well as hotels, motels and rented homes or condos.

Stage 2 has expanded what industries are permitted to operate, allowing for “lower-risk” workplaces to open after taking precautions to protect their employees and customers. Stage 2 does not include travel or lodging for leisure or tourism. An updated list of open sectors can be found at Nevada County is following the necessary steps set forth by the state to reopen as quickly and safely as possible.

“We are fortunate that we met the criteria to advance through Stage 2 and can now allow for certain businesses to open sooner than they would if they had to move at the pace of the State as a whole, but this should not be viewed as an indication that we are now risk-free,” said Jill Blake, Public Health Director. “In fact, there is a greater responsibility on businesses and customers to work to reduce the risk of disease transmission as we reopen Stage 2 businesses in Nevada County.”

The state-wide shelter-at-home order has not been lifted and those who are most at-risk for serious illness due to COVID-19 should do their best to continue to abide by it. We encourage everyone in our community to continue to stay informed as we navigate this rapidly changing situation together.

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Editor’s note: This revised Order also defines short-term lodging to include:

  • campgrounds
  • RV parks
  • hotels
  • motels
  • rented homes
  • condos