Nevada City, CA January 14, 2021 – When the State announced the regional stay-at-home order last month to slow the spread of COVID-19, the Nevada County Relief Fund launched its’ “Small Business Winter Survival Campaign” to help the most impacted businesses survive. With the generous support of local residents and community leaders, the Nevada County Relief Fund raised $287,500 in the last four weeks, which will be awarded today to 73 small businesses countywide.

“The County put up the $100,000 ‘challenge grant’ right before Christmas, and this amazing community of ours matched it with $112,000 in a matter of weeks,” said County Supervisor and Board Chair Dan Miller. “My wife and I ran a small business on Mill Street for years, so we know how hard it’s been for retailers, and how much these grants can help.”

Not only were the County funds matched by local donors, but the Town of Truckee allocated $75,000, and the City of Nevada City chipped in $1,000 to support these businesses and recognize their adherence to the necessary public health guidelines designed to protect their customers, staff, and the larger community.

“This is a challenging time for everyone, so I’m very pleased that we could support twenty-two Truckee businesses — restaurants, bars, retailers, gyms, hair salons and barbers – who are the heart of our town,” said Truckee Mayor Anna Klovstad.

“We reached out to a lot of donors who were happy to help because they know, like I do, that we can’t afford to lose our vibrant, historic downtown merchants to this pandemic,” said Leo Granucci, Co-Chair of the Nevada County Relief Fund. “And together, our public-private partnership has raised and awarded $1,017,400 to date.” 

The Relief Fund issued forty-two $5,000 micro-grants to businesses with employees, and thirty-one $2,500 micro-grants to sole proprietors without employees.

When informed of her award, Barbara Martinez, owner of The Tack Room in Penn Valley, said, “This will allow us to pay our rent and to go on until we can re-open again in the red tier. I’d like to thank everyone that’s donated to the Nevada County Relief Fund to help businesses. What a relief!”

News of the grant came just in time according to Kevin Salas, owner of Copy Center in Truckee. “The timing is really perfect in terms of helping businesses. This definitely helps us pay the rent and the utilities to stay open and keep on moving forward.”

The Sierra Business Council (SBC) administered the grant application process with oversight provided by the Relief Fund’s Community Advisory Council. SBC received nearly 180 applications representing over $700,000 in requests. After evaluating each application for eligibility, staff generated a randomly selected list that was reviewed by the Relief Fund’s Small Business Team to ensure geographic and business type diversity. While the applicants certified they were following state and local public health guidelines, County and municipal staff verified they were in good standing and had no records of complaints.

About the Nevada County Relief Fund

The Nevada County Relief Fund was created through a partnership between the County of Nevada, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, the Sierra Business Council, Center for Nonprofit Leadership, and the Economic Resource Council.  

The Fund was established in April 2020 with a $100,000 “challenge grant” from the Nevada County Board of Supervisors to mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis by directing vital resources to our most vulnerable neighbors and support our small businesses. 

With Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation serving as the Relief Fund’s fiscal sponsor, donations may be made safely and are tax deductible. Please consider making a gift today. For more information, please visit: 

Round Four Small Business Micro-grants:

  • Alibi Ale Works, Truckee, $5,000
  • All Season Awards, Nevada City, $2,500
  • Aloha Healing Touch Massage, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • Aloha Massage, Truckee, $2,500
  • Alyssa Llach (stylist), Grass Valley, $2,500
  • Artists’ Studio in the Foothills Art Center, Grass Valley, $2,500
  • Bless Nails and Spa, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • Blondies Salon, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • Bloom Salon, Grass Valley, 2,500
  • Bowenwork For Health and Wellness, Nevada City, $2,500
  • Choquiero Chocolate, Nevada City, $5,000
  • Cindy Yuk Ng (stylist), Nevada City, $2,500
  • Clock Tower Records, Grass Valley, $2,500
  • Coffee And, Truckee, $5,000
  • Copy Center, Truckee, $5,000
  • Crazy Horse Saloon and Grill, Nevada City, $5,000
  • Dragonfly Salon, Nevada City, $2,500
  • Embellish, Grass Valley, $2,500
  • Erin Sparhawk/Syn Salon, Grass Valley, $2,500
  • Baskin Robbins, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • Great Vibes Cleaning, Nevada City, $5,000
  • Heartwood Eatery, Nevada City, $5,000
  • His. A Gentleman’s Sundry, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • India Oven, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • Kaido, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • KC Nails, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • Kristin Slade Hair, Grass Valley, $2,500
  • La Gastronomia, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • Little Truckee Ice Creamery, Truckee, $5,000
  • Loch Leven Lodge, Truckee, $5,000
  • Love and Lupines Floral Design, Truckee, $2,500
  • Madeline’s Nail Care, Grass Valley, $2,500
  • Mane Attraction, Truckee, $5,000
  • Mary Benham Nails, Grass Valley, $2,500
  • Mi Pueblo Taqueria, Nevada City, $5,000
  • Moms & Minis, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • NC Kombuchary, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • Nevada City Ballet Academy, Nevada City, $2,500
  • Nicola B. Hair Studio, Truckee, $2,500
  • Novak’s Menswear, Nevada City, $5,000
  • Pastime Club, Truckee, $5,000
  • Pete’s Pizza & Tap House, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • Radiance Healthcare, Nevada City, $2,500
  • Reflections Hair Studio, Truckee, $2,500
  • Reflections Skin Oasis, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • Remedy Garden, Nevada City, $2,500
  • Salsa Sierra, Nevada City, $2,500
  • Sammy Jay’s Salon, Grass Valley, $2,500
  • Satellite Spirits, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • Shear Bliss, Nevada City, $2,500
  • Shear Madness, Auburn, $2,500
  • Sierra Symmetry, Truckee, $5,000
  • Snowy Mountain Tattoo Co, Truckee, $5,000
  • Squeeze In, Truckee, $5,000
  • Summer Wood Skin Care, Truckee, $2,500
  • T’s Nails, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company, Truckee, $5,000
  • Terra Bella Salon, Grass Valley, $2,500
  • The Good Wolf Brewing Company, Truckee, $5,000
  • The Hairshaft, Grass Valley, $2,500
  • The Massage Room, Auburn, $2,500
  • The Tack Room, Penn Valley, $5,000
  • The Yoni Temple, Nevada City, $5,000
  • Thirsty Barrel Taphouse & Grille, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • Tomahawkers Barber Shop, Grass Valley, $2,500
  • Tourist Club, Truckee, $5,000
  • Truckee Dance Factory, Truckee, $5,000
  • Truckee Massage & Wellness Center, Truckee, $2,500
  • Twelve 28 Kitchen, Penn Valley, $5,000
  • Watershed at the Owl, Grass Valley, $5,000
  • Wes the Barber, Grass Valley, $2,500
  • Zoe Jane Salon, Truckee, $5,000
  • Zuri Coffee, Truckee, $5,000