NEVADA COUNTY, Calif. July 21, 2020 – According to a news release, “Nevada County Environmental Health delivered a Notice of Violation to local food facilities who refused to come into compliance with State COVID-19 mandates, risking the health and safety of both their employees and customers. A Notice of Violation effectively revokes the food facility’s food permit.”

“Nevada County Environmental Health (EH) has made educational visits to over 300 of Nevada County’s 350 restaurants over the past 7 days,” the release states. “Less than 5 restaurants have been unwilling to come into compliance after multiple outreach efforts to assist them to come into compliance.”

Today, EH staff visited Old Town Cafe and Sergio’s in Grass Valley during the lunch hours, to drop off violation notices. Later this afternoon, Nevada City’s Friar Tuck’s received their notice. That’s when several people, phone cameras in hand, accosted the Director of Environmental Health Amy Irani.

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Irani, having delivered the notice, appeared ready to leave but the people surrounding her had other ideas. Questioning what she was doing, under what authority and stating she was going to get sued personally, they continued to follow her down Commercial Street.

A Nevada City Police officer showed up as several people still harangued the EH Director. Over thirty minutes later, now three NCPD officers were still talking to the public in the parking lot at the bottom of Commercial Street – without masks.

The restaurateur and supporters left the parking lot approximately an hour after the notice was served.

According to the county’s release, “The majority of Nevada County restaurants have been in compliance for the public’s health and safety. If a food facility continues to operate when their food permit has been revoked, they will incur daily fines, beginning with $25, and not to exceed $1000/day. Nevada County will continue to support businesses who have worked and continue to work to protect their staff and customers.”