September 17, 2017 – The Nevada County Department of Public Works is in the process of determining the best project for the Edwards Crossing Bridge and needs your help. The Edwards Crossing Bridge carries one-lane traffic on North Bloomfield Road over the South Yuba River. Originally constructed in 1904 and last rehabilitated in 1989, it is categorized as Structurally Deficient. The bridge is also load restricted, affecting emergency response and accessibility at the bridge. The foundations have been partially eroded from river flows, the metal railing and timber decking are damaged, and the bridge’s lack of certain design elements could expose it to future failure. Your feedback is very important in helping the County select the right project that will correct access and safety deficiencies while considering recreational, cultural, and natural resource challenges.

The County has funds available to replace or rehabilitate the bridge through the Highway Bridge Program. With a feasibility study now complete that investigates rehabilitation and replacement options, Public Works is soliciting public input on the project alternatives with an online survey before moving forward with a preferred project alternative. The survey will be open for three weeks, from Friday, September 15 through Friday, October 6, 2017 and is available on our website.

The County encourages all members of the community to participate in this survey. Thank you for your help and participation in this important community decision. For additional questions about this and other county projects, please contact us at (530) 265-1411.

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  1. No matter what we tell the BOS, DPW or anyone they will design it so you can’t see through the railing. Again.

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