NEVADA CITY, Calif. February 10, 2017 – New members of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office were welcomed at a ceremony today in the Board Chambers. The occasion also featured promotions and special recognition to Placer County Search&Rescue volunteer Steven Wolf who was critically injured in August of last year while searching for a missing person in the South Yuba Canyon.

Here are the bios and photos of today’s honorees.

Alicia Wied – Dispatcher

Alicia Wied was born and raised in Grass Valley, CA. She graduated from Nevada Union High School in 2015. Alicia also attended Forest Lake Christian School from kindergarten to 10th grade. After high school Alicia continued her education at Sierra College.

Before coming to the Sheriff’s office Alicia worked at Best Buy in Auburn. Alicia is good at problem solving and has the confidence and assertiveness that it takes to be a team player. She is a great listener and has several years of customer service. At this point being a very new employee, she hopes to be able to quickly and efficiently obtain the knowledge that will lead her into helping Nevada County.

In her free time Alicia enjoys drawing, baking, and reading books on emergency medicine. She has a very tight knit family which consists of her father Damon, her mother Zsa Zsa and her brother Alex as well as her German shepherd Mia.

Courtney Olivas – Correctional Officer

Courtney Olivas was born in Apple Valley, CA and raised in Sacramento. Before having the opportunity to work for the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office she was a Security Guard at Lake of The Pines.

Courtney is confident that she will be a great benefit to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office as a Correctional Officer and to those she will be working alongside. She is a great multi-tasker and her interpersonal skills with others she feels will allow her to do the best job she can with whatever is presented to her. She is looking forward to gaining many more abilities as well and building upon what she currently possesses.

Courtney’s greatest support system and encouragement has always been her parents, Lorene and James Briscoe, who unfortunately unable to be here physically during this milestone. However, she knows he is here in spirit. Also, her sisters Rikie and Kory and her best friend Jessica, who is like a sister to her; as well as her brothers Jay, Samuel, Lee and Larry. Courtney is so greatly appreciative to all of them for always supporting her in her journey in becoming a Correctional Officer.

Courtney’s greatest joys in the entire world are her children; Robert, Daniel, Haileigh, Naomi and Gabriel.

Michelle Romero – Correctional Officer

Michelle Romero was born and raised in Placer County. Before coming the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office she worked as a Customer Service Representative with Flyers Energy and before that she was with AAA for 7 years.

Michelle has her Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice. She graduated from California State University Sacramento in 2007. Michelle also attended Sierra College where she earned an AS degree in Social Science and an AA degree in Liberal Arts. Although just getting started in the field of Criminal Justice, Michelle went to school specifically for law enforcement related work. She has always leaned more towards the corrections and rehabilitations divisions.

Michelle enjoys working in Corrections and is eager to see her career develop. While in the Correctional CORE Academy, Michelle received the “Best in Class” award for her “Report Writing”. Michelle is highly motivated and takes initiative to get the job done. She always wants to be doing something, whether at work or on her day off, she likes to stay busy and be productive. She works well under pressure and with a full load. Matter fact, she would rather have a lot of work to do, than none at all. Michelle says her greatest weakness is “sitting still.”

Michelle has been married to her husband, Marvin, for 12½ years. She has a step-son, Bryan (age 16) and 2 daughters, Emma (age 7) and Pamela (age 4 ). Michelle enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

Shannon Molloy – Correctional Officer

Shannon Rose Molloy was born in Redwood City, CA and raised in the Bay Area.

Before coming to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, Shannon worked as a Security Officer. Shannon attended Sierra College and is working towards her AA Degree in Administration of Justice.

Shannon considers herself patient, organized and dedicated.

Shannon’s goal is to have a successful career in Law Enforcement at the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office.

Jason Newbery – Correctional Sergeant

Jason Newbery was born in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. He was raised in Nevada City, CA since the age of 4 and he graduated from Nevada Union High School in 1993. After high school Jason attended college classes at Yuba College.

Jason has been with the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division for nearly 17 years. In June of 2014 Jason received the Safety Employee of the Month award and in June of 2015 Jason received the Officer of the Month award. Jason has also had 3 individual departmental recognition awards and 3 team departmental recognition awards. Before promoting to Sergeant, Jason had served in the Corporal position twice.

Jason served on the C.E.R.T Team for 12 years until 2015 with the last 4 as CERT Team Leader. Currently, Jason is a Taser instructor and Less Lethal instructor. Jason’s career goals are to be a successful sergeant and to eventually promote the Corrections Lieutenant.

Jason has been married to his wife, Ann, for 12 years. They have two kids named Steven and Johnathan. His son Steven has obtained his BA degree and is working in San Diego. His son Johnathan is currently going to college in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jason’s hobbies are golfing, hiking, fishing and spending time with family.

Damian Norden – Deputy Sheriff

Damian was raised in Portola, CA. Prior to being hired by the Nevada County Sheriffs Office; Damian worked as a skilled laborer in underground construction.

Damian attended Shasta College where he received his Associates of Science Degree in Allied Health. He also attended Sacramento State. As one of our Deputy Trainees, he then attended and graduated from the 138th Butte Law Enforcement Academy. Damian received the top driver and top athlete awards at the academy.

Damian hopes to maintain good relations with the public, and hold himself to a high standard that reflects positively on the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office.

Damian’s hobbies include: football, basketball, working out, hunting, fishing, camping, and dirt bikes.

Taylor Eick – Deputy Sheriff

Taylor Eick was born in Louisiana and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. He spent five years in the U.S. Marine Corps and two at the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility. In August of 2015, Taylor received the Employee of the Month Award from Corrections.

Taylor possesses an A.S. Degree in Administration of Justice from Sierra College. Currently his goal is set an limited to becoming highly proficient in his new position as a Deputy Sheriff.

Taylor is married without children. He has far too many pets and way too few hobbies. Taylor enjoys running, be it on a track or trail.

Taylor is always willing to help out. He displays a pleasant demeanor and works patiently, calmly and steadily. Taylor has a calm even temperament and is a pleasure to work with.

Gusto Curtis – Deputy Sheriff

Gusto Curtis was born in Paradise, CA and raised in Chico, CA. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from San Jose State and his Masters of Social Work from Chico State.

Before coming to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, Gusto was as a Mental Health Clinician for the California Department of Corrections at both San Quentin and New Folsom State Prisons. Gusto also worked for the County of Napa in the Human Services Department for six years as a social worker. He has been licensed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2013.

Gusto’s professional goal is to become an experienced and proficient deputy who continues to maintain the high standards of NCSO’s commitment to the communities we serve.

Gusto is married with children. He has one dog and he says his hobby is raising his children. Gusto enjoys mountaineering, sailing and most outdoor activities.

Josephine Strachan – Deputy Sheriff

Josephine Strachan was born in Heidenheim, Germany, but was mainly raised in Oroville, California. Before coming to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, Josephine served in the US Army, where she worked with patriot missiles. While serving in the military she received multiple medals for her volunteer work. She also received medals for competing on the All Army Combative Team.

Josephine attended Butte College and is just 2 classes away from obtaining her AA Degree in Behavioral Science and Criminal Justice.

While with the NCSO family Josephine has a desire to work in the Narcotics Unit, work as a School Resource Officer, as well as work towards becoming part of the SEO team. Her major passion while with the department is working in any positive capacity with the youth of Nevada County.

Josephine has been an avid softball player for almost 22 years. She participates at the collegiate level as well as for the Army. Josephine takes pride in striving to be the best mother and spouse possible. She lives with her spouse, Brianna Nicholson and her 5 year old daughter, Keilani.

Robert Bringolf – Sheriff Lieutenant

Robby first came to this agency as an Explorer Scout in 1994. Robby worked as a firefighter/EMT locally after high school and put himself through the Yuba College Police Academy in 2001 . In 2002 Robby started his law enforcement career with Yuba County Sheriff’s Office and came to work for Nevada County Sheriff’s Office in 2005.

Robby has been a Search and Rescue Coordinator, the team leader for our Crisis Negotiations Team, a Field Training Officer, a Narcotics Investigator, a Major Crimes Detective, A Patrol Sergeant and our agency’s Chief Deputy Coroner. Robby has an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice Administration, and Master’s degree in Justice Management.

Robby and his wife Hannah were born and raised in this community, and live here with their two daughters Poppy and Willa. In his spare time Robby teaches as adjunct faculty at Yuba Community College and spends time with his family exploring, learning, and growing.

Paul Jacobson was recognized as the Employee of the Year at the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility.

The tradition of selecting an employee of the month – by their peers – was created by then-Corrections Captain Paul Schmidt and continued by Captain Shannan Moon.

Moon presented the plaque to Jacobson and reminisced about the over 20 years both have spent in the service to Nevada County.

Congratulations Paul!

Special ceremony to honor Placer County SAR volunteer Steven Wolf

On August 10, 2016, Placer County Search and Rescue volunteers were assisting the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office for a search of a missing person near the town of Washington on the South Yuba River. A three-person team was between Brown and Fish Creek when a gunshot rang out and one of the team members, Steven Wolf, went down, reporting he had been shot in the hip.

Wolf’s rescue was accomplished in near darkness, with the help of CHP’s helicopter H20. Standing in 4ft of moving river and a helicopter hovering overhead, NCSO personnel managed to hoist Wolf into the helicopter which took him to an area hospital.

At today’s ceremony Wolf got to meet that team once more as they received recognition for the rescue. He was presented with a challenge coin and a plaque.

After a standing ovation, Wolf thanked the SAR teams and everyone involved in the operation.

Wolf is back on the Placer County SAR team!

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for your service.

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