May 8, 2020 – On Thursday May 7, 2020 Nevada County District II Supervisor Ed Scofield provided testimony in support for Assembly Bill 3012 (Wood and Daly) as amended to the California Assembly Insurance Committee.

Specifically, the bill will a) require an insurer to provide a payment for contents of no less than 30% of a given policy limit without requiring an itemized claim, b) prohibit a policy that provides coverage for living expenses from limiting the policyholder’s right to recovery if the insured home is not inhabitable or otherwise usable, c) allow for damage compensation to be used to rebuild or replace an insured home at another location in the amount that would have been recoverable had the insured dwelling been rebuilt without deducting for the value of land at a new location, and d) require a nonrenewal notice to be accompanied by a documents that include information on the CA Fair Plan while requiring the Plan to develop and implement a clearinghouse program to help reduce the number of existing Plan policies in order to get insurers back into the regular market.

Supervisor Scofield noted, “ While AB 3012 does not fully address all the challenges that homeowners face, it does provide real protections for homeowners who are faced with one of the most devastating experiences one can have – the loss of their home. It also provides common sense requirements that will help homeowners obtain insurance. We needed these protections back in 2017 in the aftermath of the Wind Complex Fire.”

The Bill passed committee 13-0 and moves to the Senate.