Residents who made a payment by check for property taxes, county services or services provided by any school or special district in Nevada County between September 21, 2022, and October 6, 2022, should be on alert for a possible duplicate charge to their bank account.

Due to an electronic processing error that occurred on October 11, 2022, a total of 3,000 checks were duplicated, although it appears that a limited number of checks were processed twice. Once the Treasurer’s Office became aware of the error, staff immediately stopped the process to prevent additional duplicate charges.

“We know that a duplicate charge creates significant impacts. We’re truly sorry that this issue has occurred but will be available to assist with any issues that come about because of this processing error,” said Nevada County’s Treasurer-Tax Collector Tina Vernon. “Although there are protections in place for check processing errors, not all do, which is why we are urging those who recently made payments by check to review their bank statements and contact their bank immediately if they notice a duplicate charge.”

Steps to take to see if you are impacted:

  1. Review bank statements to identify a duplicate charge.
  2. If you notice a duplicate charge, please contact your financial institution and notify them of the check processing error. You will need to file a claim with your bank, which will work directly with the County’s banking institution to process the credit.
  3. Should your banking institution need further information about the duplicate charge or fees, please have them reach out to the Nevada County Treasurer’s office at (530) 265-1285 or email at .

The Treasurer’s Office has been working diligently with its primary banking institution to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and has sent notices and credits to all banks affected. However, some banks have unique processes regarding duplicate payments and may not apply credits automatically.

To avoid further complications, the Treasurer’s Office urges everyone seeing these duplicate charges to inquire directly with their banking institution so that the credit may be applied as quickly as possible.