Dear NJUHSD Families, Students, and Staff:

The Nevada Joint Union High School District is announcing a significant change to its student masking enforcement protocols.

Effective Tuesday, February 22, the enforcement of student masking will be accomplished by educating students and asking them to mask, but no further actions of exclusion from class or school related activities will be taken henceforth.

On the evening of Tuesday, February 22, the district’s Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting to consider adoption of a resolution supporting this administrative action. Information regarding the meeting and the proposed resolution can be found on the district’s website,

NJUHSD, along with school districts across the state, has been caught in the middle of a very difficult and progressively escalating situation where we acknowledge our obligation to comply with state and California Department of Public Health mandates and our ability to effectively and humanely enforce them. The district acknowledges its obligation to comply with state law and executive orders; however, strict adherence to those requirements has created significant disruption to the educational learning environment, and enforcement is unsustainable. We will continue to make appropriate attempts to comply with state law, but will also ensure that our schools continue to be places that support students and their learning.

Implementation of this change in policy will require flexibility and understanding by all of us. Many of our staff and students have underlying health challenges that require the district to provide ongoing measures to protect their health and safety. In some cases, and in specified areas of our campuses, the district may need to enforce masking requirements more stringently. In addition, some of our schools and programs are located off of our district-owned campuses (ex. Sierra College). In those cases, we are subject to the masking requirements in place and enforced at those facilities.

As a school community, we must remember that all of us possess diverse viewpoints and concerns regarding the pandemic. Understanding and empathy for each other continues to be an important priority if we are to successfully navigate these challenges together.

This continues to be a very challenging time for public education. We ask for your continued patience as we navigate our way forward. Thank you for your continued support for NJUHSD, its schools, and staff.

Please contact your school sites for additional information.
NJUHSD Administration