GRASS VALLEY, Calif. May 1, 2020 – Traditional business models, particularly in cities and towns across America, rely on person-to-person transactions. The worldwide pandemic we’re all facing has drastically changed this paradigm. The City of Grass Valley is doing everything we can to support our local businesses during these difficult times. We’ve made it a priority to provide proactive and progressive support to keep our businesses and citizens healthy, and we’re doing our best to help plan for a triumphant future for all types of businesses in Grass Valley.

The recent regulations put in place to protect us all from the spread of COVID-19 are critical for our safety, but we understand they have hindered our downtown businesses from operating at full capacity. In an effort to encourage continued patronage of downtown restaurants, and to establish a health-conscious environment and safe social distancing interactions, the City will be installing Curbside Pickup Parking Signs.

Restaurants are already providing curbside service, and the City hopes the installation of these signs will make it easier for their customers to access desired goods and services while creating a consistent look and feel of our historic downtown. The local businesses throughout our City are the heart of our community, and the City will continue to do everything we can to help them through this crisis.

Although the future is uncertain, now is the time to begin innovative approaches in anticipation of this new business dynamic, with an eye toward economic vitality and public health. We look forward to continuing the initiative to support our local businesses. We will work together to forge a path forward to a smart, healthy, and prosperous new beginning.