June 9, 2020 – Recently, the non-profit’s Board of Directors approved a name change. “Gold Country Senior Services” Keith Overbey, President of the Board announced. “Since our focus is supporting seniors in our community, our new name reflects that mission.”

In addition to its name change, the board of directors also revealed that plans are underway to establish a Senior Center in Grass Valley. In spite of our particularly high older-adult population, Nevada County does not have a Senior Center, and we are thrilled to apply for a loan program with the USDA to purchase the former Summer Thymes Restaurant building to establish a home for the Senior Center.

Given the large population of older adults in Nevada County, it is imperative to have a “home” where the meals on wheels program, senior fitness and health classes, congregate meals and community educational meetings be offered in one location. The Center can also serve as a hub for all senior services and be a crisis resource for our senior community during uncertain events such emergencies, power outages and snow events said Janeth Marroletti, Executive Director.

It is also very important to have the opportunity to socialize and create supportive relationships with other community agencies and this new Senior Center will provide a nurturing environment for the older adults of Nevada County.

The creation of a Senior Center is an exciting time for older adults in Nevada County. Our ability to expand and offer programs and services that are desperately needed will be enhanced with the new building. Anyone who has an interest and passion about the aging population and creative ways to meet the needs of this specific population should consider service in the advisor committee or joining the board. Marroletti explained “Whether it’s joining the Committee or simply sharing ideas and concerns, everyone can make a positive difference.” Those interested may contact us via e-mail info@goldcountryservices.org or by calling us.

Since 1976 Gold Country Senior Services has been supporting the health, wellness and independence of Nevada County’s older-adults. Over 45,000 meals are provided every year to homebound and low income seniors with many having this meal as their only source of food resource. Volunteers are heroes helping the agency deliver meals on wheels and providing checks in visits to homebound seniors who are isolated and their driver is the only person they talk to or see in a day.

Providing firewood to low income seniors who need support to stay warm during the winter is another program that continues to make a difference to the health of seniors and unfortunately continues to have a waiting list as the need is increasing. A group of dedicated volunteers help support this program by removing fallen trees from people’s properties, cutting and splitting the wood to deliver that firewood to seniors in our community. This program provides firewood to 160 low income seniors to stay warm every winter and helps homeowners who don’t have the financial resource to pay a tree company to remove the tree from their property. It is a win-win to keep our community fire safe and help seniors in need.

Over 1,000 seniors every year receive services from Gold Country Senior Services and 130 of those seniors are veterans. Community donations play a critical role in the nonprofit’s availability to continue to provide vital services to seniors who need our help!

For general information about Gold Country Senior Services, including its programs and volunteer opportunities, please phone (530) 615-4541 or visit www.goldcountryservices.org