GRASS VALLEY, Calif. March 11, 2020 – At the beginning of today’s NID Board meeting Director Nick Wilcox made the following statement.

“I sit here today having served on this Board for twelve years. During that time I believe that I have served faithfully, ethically, and in the public interest. I believe that my long experience in the water industry has benefitted the District and its customers. When I began, my intention was to serve two terms. That has stretched to three. Though my work here is not yet finished, the time has come for me to go. Therefore, I will not seek reelection in November.

There are a number of reasons for this decision that can be roughly divided into personal and political reasons. On the personal side, I would note that our sons live in Colorado. We desire to live closer to our family.

Three years ago, I suffered a life threatening cerebellar stroke. I cope daily with ongoing symptoms from that event. Consequently, I cannot be certain of my continued health.

I would also note that the past four years have been difficult. During this time the Board has been under constant attack. We have been told by so-called “watchdogs” that we are perpetrators of genocide. I have personally been told that I am an evil person and on one occasion I was physically assaulted.

Accordingly, the time has come for me to leave this Board. Amanda and I plan to relocate to the Denver area.

I will serve out the balance of my term. My friend of many years, Rich Johansen, is planning to run for my seat in order to continue my work. I give him my full and enthusiastic endorsement. Rich has been involved in agricultural pursuits for many years and he more than most understands the true value of water to all water users and to our environment.

I have especially enjoyed working with staff over the years, at all levels. The employees of NID are dedicated and hardworking professionals. I wish them well and I will miss them greatly.

To conclude, I paraphrase something that Congressman James Clyburn recently said when he endorsed Joe Biden. He said that when he was a young man in jail during the Civil Rights movement, he questioned whether he was on the right path but he never feared for his country. Now, he knows he was on the right path and he does fear for his country. Likewise, I know that I have been on the right path and I now fear for the long term well-being of this District. I worry that the actions and decisions by elements of the current Board will have severe long term consequences that will lead to an uncontrolled downward spiral for the District. The best interests of the people that we serve will thus be harmed. I believe that the Board has a duty to be the steward of the long term viability of the District and not bow to any narrow special interest. I believe that the future of NID is potentially in peril.”