Aerial view of the new pump station
Aerial view of the new pump station

August 3, 2016 – A new pump station on the DS Canal above Nevada City has earned the Nevada Irrigation District a Project of the Year Award from the Sacramento Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA).

NID Engineering Manager Gary D. King and Project Engineer Adrian Schneider accepted the award at the annual APWA Project of The Year Luncheon on Friday (July 29) in Sacramento.

The award, in the Environmental (Water) Category, is for NID’s newly completed Siphon Lane Pump Station, a $2.5 million project that gives the district the ability to pump water from the DS Canal up to the Cascade Canal or across the Deer Creek canyon to NID’s Snow Mountain system. It is designed to provide emergency and backup water supplies as needed.

The project was completed under contact by Gateway Pacific, Inc. with Bennett Engineering Services as engineering consultant.

The Sacramento chapter of the APWA services a 24-county area in Northern California.

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  1. I’m confused. It looks like Bennett Engineering Services designed the pump station, but the NID engineering manager accepted the award for the design. That doesn’t seem right.

  2. The APWA awarded the winning projects to the owner or agency, not the contractor or his/her subcontractors (the major team players were listed in the APWA project descriptions). At the awards ceremony, the representatives for the various agencies and owners stated appreciation for their teams including the design engineers, contractors and other companies and associated agencies as well. During NID’s acceptance speech at the APWA awards ceremony, appreciation and acknowledgements were forwarded to Bennett and Gateway, as they designed and built the pump station for the NID. NID came up with the concept for the pump station project.

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