August 7, 2018 – It’s nearly fair time at the state’s most beautiful fairgrounds, and Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is eager to welcome you to our exhibit booth. There will be a lot going on there!

Be sure to:

• Try your skill opening a heavy-duty flanged butterfly valve. It takes 30 turns of its wheel to go from full open to full shut. How fast can you complete the task?

• Enter NID raffles to win some really cool stuff, including a kayak donated by Mountain Recreation in Grass Valley and five annual season passes to NID-operated facilities, such as Scotts Flat Lake and Rollins Lake.

• See if you can spot a friend or neighbor in the group photos of our 200 NID employees who posed with their department colleagues.

Here’s your chance to check out and wrangle a heavy-duty water valve that controls the high-pressure flow of water to our homes, businesses, fields and farms.

Nevada Irrigation District (NID) will display a 16-inch flanged butterfly valve at its booth at the Nevada County Fair from Aug. 8 – 12. Fair attendees will have an opportunity to test their speed and agility in opening the valve, which takes 30 turns of its wheel to go from full open to full shut.

NID uses butterfly valves in its pipelines to isolate or regulate water flows. The valves feature a closing mechanism in the form of a disk, which is less likely to jam and allows for quick shut off when needed.

The butterfly valve is just one part of the massive lineup of NID infrastructure and hardware to keep our community’s water flowing through the District’s 300 miles of pipeline.

Enjoy the Fair and be sure to stop by NID’s booth to greet District employees, learn more about water and show off your skill at turning the valve wheel.