Grass Valley April 3, 2017 – The Nevada Irrigation District was the subject of an “April Fools” article published on Saturday, April 1st by YubaNet titled, “NID ponders grand bargain on Centennial Dam.” It appears this “April Fools” joke run by YubaNet has made its way into our community. The article has triggered community confusion about our District’s principles and practices.

There are statements in the YubaNet article questioning NID’s integrity. The article alleges scandalous and illegal practices, including a fake “leaked memo,” accusing the Board of Directors and General Manager of bribery. Quotes in the article are entirely fabricated, including those attributed to the Board and the General Manager. The advocacy groups mentioned and their ascribed excerpts are also fictional.

NID would like to assure the public that this was an “April Fools” joke run solely by YubaNet. NID was not involved in any way in the creation or development of the article. The information contained in the article is fake, and in no way represents the District, or its practices. NID is committed to transparency.

While NID appreciates the attempt at humor, the District has received numerous public comments citing the article. Even a lighthearted “April Fools” joke can be confusing when taken literally, or out of context.

Editor’s note: Yes, indeed it was an April Fools story. Even the dateline said so.