No Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events are planned for the next week or longer, according to the PG&E PSPS forecast. However, Enhanced Powerline Safety Settings (EPSS) will be enabled.

Many circuits continue to be EPSS-enabled across the western Sacramento Valley, the South, and Sierra foothills today as dry, warm, and breezy conditions are expected.

An increase in EPSS enabled circuits is anticipated for tomorrow and Friday across the Delta, North Bay Hills, Sacramento Valley, and Sierra foothills as winds increase across northern California.

Enhanced Powerline Safety Settings explained
Enhanced Powerline Safety Settings explained

The EPSS settings are enabled when elevated wildfire risk is present. These settings allow powerlines to automatically turn off power within one-tenth of a second.

This will help keep you safe, but may also result in unexpected power outages. Outage causes resulting from enabled safety settings can vary, from equipment failure to an animal or vegetation striking the line.

EPSS map for Nevada County

Most of Nevada, Placer, Sierra and Yuba counties have these EPSS-capable power lines.

These fast-trip safety measures deenergize portions or the totality of circuits affected past the initial hazard, leading to larger outages. Instead of trying to automatically reenergize lines (reclosing), and then causing more sparks, power stays off.

Crews have to inspect the circuit before power can be restored. Expect to see PG&E trucks or helicopters in an area affected by these outages.

Prepare for outages and maintain situational awareness. Also, treat any downed power line as live and report it.