Nevada City, CA — In November 2019, Rise Gold submitted a project description to reopen the Idaho-Maryland Mine with the hope of extracting gold on the 119-acre New Brunswick site.   

SYRCL has been researching the project since then. We have concluded that the reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine poses a significant threat to our watershed.

Soon, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors will vote on the proposed project.

From February 16 – 20, as part of this year’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival, SYRCL will be circulating a petition asking the Nevada County Board of Supervisors to SAY NO to the request by Rise Gold to reopen the mine.

The petition can be found at

SYRCL officially opposes the mine due to the significant potential environmental impacts that would occur as a result of the proposed mining operations. We are concerned that, should the Idaho-Maryland Mine reopen, mining operations would introduce pollution into our waterways, dewater groundwater, dry up private wells that are already being adversely impacted by long periods of drought, and degrade wildlife habitat. Further, legacy mining impacts include serious health impacts for community members who may be exposed to heavy metals such as arsenic and mercury.

Moreover, the massive increase in greenhouse gases will degrade air quality in an area already coping with smoke during extended wildfire season. Mining operations, which include heavy equipment and large trucks, are slated to occur 24 hours a day, seven days a week and produce 9,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year. 

In addition to these environmental impacts, SYRCL is also concerned about the effects the mine could have on community culture and tourism. In addition to posing a threat to the Nisenan Tribe’s tribal and cultural resources, the 1,500 tons of waste rock and tailings processed from the mine daily will degrade the environment. This scar on the earth also functions in direct contrast to Grass Valley and Nevada City’s focus on environmental awareness and sustainable agriculture.

Businesses and residents from all walks of life agree that a toxic mine in the middle of our vibrant community is reckless and a huge step backwards – it’s simply not worth the risk.

SYRCL’s petition asking the Board of Supervisors to SAY NO to the reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine can be found at