June 1, 2018 – I am a doer at heart and a highly motivated person who gets jobs done.

I believe Nevada City has ordinances for a reason. I will make sure we adhere to the ordinances.

I would like to see the “all” public bathrooms open during the day and on into the evening hours during the summer, not only for our use, but for tourists who are visiting our historic town. If we need to monitor the bathrooms more often then this is what should be done. I would support a camera system hooked up to the police station and disbursing loiterers quickly.

There are a couple of churches who have offered to host homeless meal services. I would like non-profits to feed local homeless “indoors” at the churches and not in public parking lots downtown, or in Pioneer Park. Lets make homeless services also comfortable for families, tourists, homeowners, and shopkeepers. Also, I believe Nevada County Health and Human Services should provide a warming shelter along with the proposed Navigation Center promised to open in Grass Valley this summer. The Nevada City’s Vets building is too small to host the numbers of people needing to be sheltered during the winter. County funding should provide mental health staff, nurses and security. Nevada City does not have a Health and Human Services budget. Homeless services should not be located near our commercial district.

Getting much needed housing built is my number one priority. We need affordable housing for families, our workforce and seniors. I want to see developers provide their mandated percentage of affordable units. In order to do this they need the density. Growing pains are difficult, but our housing shortage is making things even more difficult for working folks.