October 22, 2018 – Join Nevada County’s Planning Department and the Penn Valley Municipal Advisory Committee (MAC) for the Penn Valley Area Plan Update Kick-Off Workshop.  The public workshop initiating the Penn Valley Area Plan Update will be on Thursday evening, November 1st, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Seventh Day Adventist Church located at 17645 Penn Valley Drive in Penn Valley.

About the Area Plan

The Penn Valley Area Plan will serve as the comprehensive land use and zoning plan for the Penn Valley area.  The plan is intended to guide development such that it is consistent with the community’s vision and the Nevada County General Plan.

The current Penn Valley Village Area Plan was adopted in 2000.  The purpose for the update is to make adjustments based on the community’s current needs and prepare a plan that can realize opportunities in the future based on the following planning objectives:

  1. The plan is a comprehensive land use and zoning plan for the Penn Valley commercial areas (may include industrial, business park, recreation and residential areas);
  2. It serves as a tool to advance the goals and policies for the Nevada County General Plan, while benefitting the local community,
  3. The Plan reflects the vision of residents, business owners, and elected officials,
  4. The Plan establishes achievable action items, and
  5. The Area Plan provides long-term guidance intended to improve the prosperity of the area in a way that supports a healthy economy, environment, and social fabric of the area residents and visitors.


Join the Planning Department and participate in an evening of thoughtful discussion and brainstorming focused on developing a long-range plan.   Children and teens are also invited to participate in this community workshop.