November 16, 2023 – A stunning exhibition of winter landscapes and wildlife photography by Nevada City photographer, Janice Rosner showcases the raw beauty of the season. This display of 30 photos, titled “Chill and Thrill: Wildlife and Landscapes in Winter’s Grasp” opens on December 4 at the Edward Jones gallery on Brunswick Rd in Grass Valley and runs through the end of February.  The opening reception will be on Thursday, December 7 from 4:00 – 6:00 pm.

Janice Rosner: Arctic Mirror
Janice Rosner: Arctic Mirror

An international traveler, Rosner’s photos include the serene beauty of frozen Norwegian mountain ranges at sunrise; Japanese cranes dancing in the snow and enchanting penguins from the Falkland Islands.  Breathtaking bald eagles in flight; frost-kissed bison; and swans in the mist from Alaska and Yellowstone are also featured.  

Rosner has been interested in photography for most of her life, starting with a trusty Brownie camera given to her by her grandfather.  “When my daughter was in high school, I took classes at Sierra College and started getting into it more seriously.  I thought I would do more landscapes but since I’m an animal person, my photography evolved into wildlife.   Photography of animals takes so much patience!  You have to wait, and wait, and wait.  It’s not like taking photos at the zoo.  When in Japan, I waited for over 2 hours, in the snow and freezing temperatures to get a photo of a small bird drinking from an icicle, only to have the icicle fall,”  said Rosner. 

“I not only love taking photos of wildlife, but am strongly committed to conservation photography: capturing the beauty but at the same time, protecting these areas and the wildlife dependent upon them.   As more and more people travel and take photos, we all need to pay attention to our impacts on the lands we love and minimize those impacts,” added Rosner.

Faith Hegeman, from Edward Jones, invites all nature and photography enthusiasts to experience this beautiful exhibition.  “These photographs transport us into the icy world of winter and enhance our appreciation of the wildlife that endure the extremes.”

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Edwards Jones Gallery – 580 Brunswick Rd, Grass Valley – 530-477-3360

In Summary

What:  Photography Exhibit “Thrill and Chill: Wildlife and Landscapes in Winter’s Grasp”

Who: Photography by Janice Rosner

When: December 4 – Feb 29, 2023

Where: Edward Jones Gallery – 580 Brunswick Rd, Suite 200, Grass Valley, 530-477-3360

Hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Mon-Fri