GRASS VALLEY, Calif. October 26, 2017 – Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 20th Annual Chicago Underground Film Festival in 2013, The Los Angeles Times said that “Pig Death Machine verges on sophisticated… anyone who longs for the old, weird films of John Waters or the psychotronic freak-outs of New York’s Cinema of Transgression should be able to get their fix.”

Enjoy a screening of the film followed by live music from two artists featured in the film: local legend Meri St. Mary and industrial punk pioneer Monte Cazazza on Saturday, November 4th at 7 p.m. at the Open Book, 671 Maltman Drive in Grass Valley. $10 tickets are available at the door and at

According to the filmmakers,“After eating undercooked, parasite-laden, pink piggy, a brainless hottie is transformed into a dangerous genius, while across town, a punky-buxom-botanist-babe eats the same meaty treat and ends up endowed with the supernatural ability to ‘hear’ her specimens. This is a fable about envy and the sickness that comes from getting exactly what you wish. Pig Death Machine is a sci-fi/psychological horror/screwball ride of chaotic, day-glo fever dreams and glitter-dusted nightmares, shot in the stunning wilds of New Mexico.”

From The Wall Street Journal, “Cult hero writer/director Jon Moritsugu hasn’t made a film in more than a decade. His new feature—cowritten by and starring his longtime muse and partner Amy Davis—is an exercise in garbage aesthetics not unlike Harmony Korine’s 2009 film Trash Humpers. Both directors gleefully mine the gutters and recognize the importance of their respective roles in the underground. Both seemingly LOVE to remind you that all the accepted mainstream rules about making films can and should be smashed into tiny bits, and both Moritsugu and Korine hate wimpy soundtracks, instead using the butchiest and best punk, metal and weirdo rarities they can find.”

Punk poet chanteuse Meri St. Mary—author, longtime musician (Housecoat Project), artist, and current host of the beloved KVMR program “The Underground Sound”—will also grace the stage, performing with Monte Cazazza, an American artist and composer best known for his seminal role in helping shape industrial music through recordings with the London-based Industrial Records in the mid-1970s. The two have been known to play dueling theremins and are sure to cook up some unexpected sonic splendor.

Refreshment and wine will be available for purchase during the event.