AUBURN, Calif. January 6, 2020 – The Placer and Nevada County 4-H programs are seeking a new owner for a camp facility at Woodchuck Flat on the Tahoe National Forest near Cisco Grove, California. The facility, which includes a well, kitchen, showers, toilets, and tent platforms is operated under a special use permit from the U.S. Forest Service.

“Placer and Nevada County 4-H members have enjoyed the Woodchuck Flat camp for many years,” says Dan Macon, Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor and Co-County Director for the University of California Cooperative Extension, which oversees the 4-H program. “Unfortunately, since we only use the camp two weeks each year, we don’t have sufficient funds to pay for upkeep of the facility.”

Macon says that the camp facility was damaged during the winter of 2016-17 and again in 2017-18. “Most of the camp property is in good shape,” he says, “but the kitchen especially will need significant renovation. We think that an organization that would use the facility throughout the summer months might be able to generate enough income to cover repairs and maintenance. We’d hate to see the camp facilities abandoned.”

A new camp owner would work directly with the Tahoe National Forest to renew the special use permit. “The Forest Service has been a great partner over the years,” adds Macon, “and they’d like to see the facility receive greater use.”

For more information, or to schedule a time to visit the camp facility, contact Dan Macon at (530) 889-7385 or