NEVADA CITY, Calif. May 10, 2023 – Day one of the Planning Commission meeting concluded at 5:00 pm with many more members of the public waiting to comment on the application of the proposed Idaho Maryland Mine – Rise Grass Valley Project.

The hearing started with a presentation by staff, recapping the documents presented in the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR). The section of Planning’s website with all the documents and the written comments submitted can be found here.

Planning staff, in their report to the Planning Commission, provided two recommendations, one denying the application and one granting the application with mitigation measures. Staff also concluded the project was inconsistent with the rural character and quality of life of the surrounding neighborhoods within the County.

The project applicants, Rise Gold President Ben Mossman and their legal counsel addressed the Commission next. Public comment started around 12:30 pm, with some 270 members of the public signed up to comment in person.

The vast majority of public comments asked the Planning Commission not to accept the final EIR and to deny the project’s application. Commenters addressed specific issues with the EIR, pointing to inconsistencies or omissions in the document.

Commission Chair Bill Greeno, representing District 5, reminded some speakers to focus on the EIR and thanked others for new perspectives or angles. At the end of the day, 210 registered commenters were waiting to comment, they will be heard on Thursday. The same logistics apply for the second day of the hearings, carpooling is highly encouraged, and public transit will be available.

Once public comment concludes, the Commission will deliberate and vote on the application. The application then moves to the Board of Supervisors, who will hear the item no sooner than August 2023 to consider the recommendation and all public and agency comments received during the application process.

Day Two of the hearing will be livestreamed on Nevada County’s YouTube channel, starting at 9:00 am.