GRASS VALLEY/NEVADA CITY, Calif. June 26, 2018 – The Grass Valley and Nevada City Police Departments are excited to announce the transition of Rüdiger to the Grass Valley Police Department. Rüdiger, a 4-year-old German Shepherd, started with the Nevada City Police Department in July of 2015. He is trained in suspect apprehension and narcotics detection.

Rüdiger’s current handler has accepted employment with an agency outside of Nevada County. The Nevada City Police Department does not currently have staff to take on Rüdiger, and requested the Grass Valley Police Department consider accepting Rüdiger onto their team and newly established K9 program.

Rüdiger, his specially outfitted K9 vehicle and associated equipment was funded by the Rüdiger Foundation through 100% community support. The Nevada County Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Council has also supported Rüdiger. As such, it is critical that Rüdiger continue to serve the community to which he is accustomed and the people who made his career possible.

“Rüdiger is a special part of our community and we are thrilled to have him with the GVPD team of officers who care about the value and impact of their work in Western Nevada County. Rüdiger is a tremendous asset to our region and will seamlessly continue to serve the citizens and visitors of Nevada City, Grass Valley, and Nevada County.” – Chief Gammelgard.

“The Rüdiger Foundation is saddened that the City of Nevada City is losing a great Officer but wishes him the best in his new endeavors. We are excited to know that K9 Officer Rüdiger will continue to serve in Nevada County and thank the City of Grass Valley and Chief Gammelgard for giving K9 Officer Rüdiger the opportunity to continue to serve locally. The Foundation looks forward to upholding the mission of the organization and will continue to support K9 Officer programs in this County.” – Tina Vernon, Treasurer, Rüdiger Foundation

“Rüdiger has been a tremendous asset to the Nevada City Police Department and the local communities. The strong relationship between the Grass Valley Police Department and the Nevada City Police Department has allowed Rüdiger to remain within local law enforcement and continue to serve in our communities.” – Lieutenant Chad Ellis

Rüdiger will continue to train with Kano (GVPD’s K9) and will make a seamless transition to duty after being paired with a new handler. We are excited to watch him continue to develop his skills and deliver high quality K9 police services in our community.

4 replies on “Police K9 Rüdiger Transfer to Grass Valley Police Department”

  1. Welcome to Grass Valley, Rudiger!! You won’t be bored here!! Lots of misbehaving folks to meet!!

  2. Perhaps not enough bad guys to support a canine officer in Nevada City! Maybe wasn’t such a great idea after all. Glad to hear taxpayers in Nevada City were able to purchase and provide training Rudiger and giving Grass Valley the police vehicle to haul him around.

    1. Just to correct some misinformation in your comment: Rudiger was entirely funded by the foundation, no taxpayer money was used. Bravo for being so civic-minded for wanting your Grass Valley neighbors to have the same secure feeling you experience in Nevada City.

  3. The thing about a K9 is they cannot guarantee it will never bite the wrong person or even a kid.

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