PLACERVILLE, Calif. January 30, 2019 – Fire crews on the Eldorado National Forest have resumed burning hundreds of vegetation debris piles leftover from forest thinning projects to reduce hazardous fuel and prepare areas for reforestation.

The Amador Ranger District will be burning along the Highway 88 corridor in the vicinity of Ham’s Station restaurant and also in the area burned by the 2004 Power Fire, south of Highway 88.
The Georgetown Ranger District will be burning the Tobacco Gulch, Georgetown Admin, En Garde, 2 Chaix, Pompeii and Placer piles in the following locations: Wentworth Springs Road Near Stumpy Meadows; Darling Ridge Rd (12N80) & Mace Mill Rd (12N87) areas. Volcanoville Rd near Otter Creek School; Sand Mountain Blvd & 12N 64A Rd.; Poho Ridge 12N 34 Rd; and Nevada Point Ridge West.
The Pacific Ranger District will be burning inside the King Fire perimeter, Trimburgh Roadside Salvage, and SMUD power generation locations.
The Placerville Ranger District will be burning along Highway 50 in the Roadrunner Highway 50 Fuel Break on the north side of Highway 50 from Whitehall to Twin Bridges.
High priority pile burning includes piles in the 2014 King Fire and 2004 Power Fire areas where trees grown at the Placerville Nursery will be planted later this year.
The Placerville Nursery is a forest service tree growing facility which is funded by the sale of seeds and seedlings. Currently, seedlings are being removed from the ground and from greenhouse containers. After being inspected, they will be packed and shipped to land managers throughout California beginning next week.
Prescribed fire updates are posted on the forest Twitter account which can be viewed at Additional information and maps of prescribed burn locations can be found on the Eldorado National Forest website at . Look for the “Prescribed Burn Program” link on the right side of the page.