March 15, 2023 – For public safety, the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) requests people keep off its canal berms and associated water system infrastructure as crews work to repair extensive damage caused by the recent storms.

NID Tree from a canal
An NID worker clears a fallen tree from a canal

Current hazards include a substantial number of fallen trees, unseen obstacles, erosion and sedimentation, fast flowing water, to name a few.

NID’s open ditch canals traverse about 475 miles on both District property and on many acres of private properties. Crews are working their way mile by mile to inspect damage and make necessary repairs.

“The recent storms have created a dangerous situation for the public in and along the canals,” said NID Assistant General Manager Greg Jones. “NID crews are diligent about making repairs, but it will take some time given the intensity of the storms and the damage we have assessed. We ask the public to be patient as crews continue to inspect and repair this critical infrastructure. This is a matter of safety for all.”