December 11, 2020 – The Truckee Police and Public Works Departments want to remind residents and visitors of the snow parking regulations within the Town of Truckee from November 1st- April 30th. A storm is approaching this weekend, and the Town plans to be proactive with snow removal and preparing the roadways for the anticipated traffic and snowfall throughout Town.

To allow for this work to continue efficiently, the Town has a variety of snow related ordinances that require all vehicles to not only be parked completely off the roadway, but also out of the Town “Right of Way”.

In many places, the Right of Way extends well past the snow poles. For example, in the Tahoe Donner subdivision, the Right of Way generally extends to the trash containers (bear boxes) or the property side of power poles.

This is to give the Town adequate snow storage as we plow and remove snow from the roadway.

While we realize this can limit parking options, particularly for residents with multiple vehicles, the ordinances were enacted to prevent property damage to parked vehicles and other property. These ordinances help speed up snow removal operations and help make sure roadways are properly passable (plowing around vehicles leaves narrow roadways).

Snow removal operations can take place over multiple days as well as overnight; if your vehicle is impeding snow removal it may be cited or towed at your expense.

The release fees for towing, storage, etc. can often add up to $400 or more. In many places roadways have been narrowed to one lane by berms, DPW will be returning with blowers to cut the berms back to the edge of the roadway (snow poles).

Vehicles that are parked inside the berms, but on the street side of the snow poles will be towed as appropriate.

If you have questions regarding snow parking, you may contact Public Works at (530) 582-7707.