June 2, 2020 – The Truckee Police Department continues to receive information about potential destruction and violence associated with this evenings gathering. We want to assure our community that the vast amount of information that has been shared around this event has been safe, respectful and in collaboration with the Truckee Police Department. We are here to protect our communities constitutional rights and to ensure that those who participate in the vigil can do so safely.

Police personnel have been actively monitoring and following up on information that has been shared on social media that contradicts the peaceful demonstration that event organizers have planned. To date, we have eliminated the information we have seen as a significant threat. It is critically important that we keep tonight’s vigil a respectful and safe gathering and that it is done with the true Truckee spirit. Anyone participating in this evenings vigil can help us set the tone and temperament of the demonstration. Together we can make this a respectful and productive community conversation and we can make it very clear that we are not willing to tolerate any criminal behavior or destruction of our Town.

The Truckee Police Department has been flooded with signs of support through these troubling times and we can’t thank our community enough. We are hear for you, we are listening and we know you are here for us. Let’s make tonight safe and meaningful.