October 5, 2016 at 12:42 AM CHP Update:

The suspect from the recent crimes near the Town of Washington, Jeffery Caldwell, has been found by CHP at approximately 4:15 PM and taken into custody several miles into the desolate national forest from where the original incident had terminated. He was transported by CHP to Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital where he was evaluated. He was then booked into jail in Nevada County on a number of felony and misdemeanor charges.

Based on our investigation this far, he was able to survive the wilderness and extremely cold temperatures by covering himself in branches and foliage. He had also found some old clothing which helped sustain him.

The CHP thanks all the agencies and people in the region that have helped us in the investigation and search over the past seven days.


October 4, 2016 at 7:35 PM Update by CHP Grass Valley PIO Greg Tassone:

One of CHP’s primary investigators on this case, Officer Jason Morgan, was working the search in plain clothes, as investigators had been made aware that the suspect was “not responding well to people in uniform.”

Officer Morgan was about a mile and a half from the last crash site on a trail when he saw the suspect. Morgan asked if he needed help and the suspect said yes. According to reports from the scene, Caldwell was only lightly clothed, slightly dehydrated and disoriented but otherwise in good health. After giving the suspect some warm clothes and hydrating him, they hiked out together for a little over an hour.

Officer Morgan tried to keep the arrest low key since there is no cell service in the canyon and he had no backup. He attempted to leave town in an unmarked vehicle, but family members of the suspect saw them and made it clear to everyone in town the suspect was found. Locals were determined to keep the suspect until the arrival of law enforcement, at which point Officer Morgan identified himself. They left town and were met at the Vista Point by NCSO and CHP units who escorted them to Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital.

Caldwell, who is officially in custody, has been examined by doctors and will be booked tonight, barring any medical concerns. Some of the charges he is likely to face, according to Officer Tassone, include: Multiple vehicle theft, burglary, brandishing and reckless discharge of a firearm, vandalism and several misdemeanor driving charges.

WASHINGTON, Calif. October 4, 2016 – CHP Grass Valley confirmed shortly before 6 pm tonight that Jeffrey Caldwell was found alive and in good condition. Caldwell is suspected of multiple car thefts, shooting in the Town of Washington and other charges. CHP PIO Greg Tassone stated Caldwell was escorted by CHP and NCSO to Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital where he will be evaluated. He appeared to be in good condition.

Caldwell has been missing since last Tuesday when he reportedly stole a car in Vallejo, another car near the Town of Washington, broke into a house and stole an ATV. After wrecking the vehicles, he took off on foot. The search was ongoing by air and on the ground for several days. Caldwell had been listed as missing after the initial search efforts failed to locate him.

Locals and family members had joined the search effort over the past week. The gun allegedly used by Caldwell was reported as stolen from the Reno area last Tuesday. Family member state they found the gun yesterday and took it from the scene, eventually handing it over to CHP.

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