Congratulations to all student participants in the Nevada County STEAM Expo ‘22. On Thursday, March 24th community members, educators, and our business industry partners met in a hybrid setting to evaluate the work from students throughout Nevada County. Showcasing the scientific inquiry process, mathematical analysis, artistic expression, active problem solving, asking questions, and examining answers, student creativity, collaboration, and ingenuity shined through their work. We are so proud of all the students and community who supported the efforts of these talented students.

The purpose of the Nevada County STEAM Expo is:

  • To stimulate an active interest in science, technology, engineering, art, and math by engaging in original investigations, experiences, and demonstrations.
  • To foster school & community cooperation in developing the STEAM potential of Nevada County students that will lead to future careers in these fields.
  • To support the California State Standards.

Thank you, students, teachers, families, and community members, for supporting our students in the Nevada County STEAM ‘22 virtual showcase and competition. Kudos to all participants for your efforts.

Without further ado, your STEAM ’22 Expo Showcase & Competition Top Finishers are:

2022 STEAM Scientific Inquiry Competition

Top Finishers – Overall

Division         Place             Name                           School

Senior            1st                  Paxx Weidert               Forest Charter Academy
Senior            2nd                Owen Alonso               Seven Hills
Senior            3rd                  Sasha Spackman          Union Hill School

Division         Place               Name                                      School

Elementary     1st                    Nilsson Chappell                     Deer Creek
Elementary     2nd                  Logan Vanaman-Yardley         Deer Creek
Elementary     3rd                   Liam Langel                            Deer Creek

2022 STEAM Scientific Inquiry Competition

Top Finishers – TEAMS

Division           Place     Name                         School

Senior              1st          Spencer Thauberger     Mt. St. Mary’s Academy
                                     Thomas Billingsley

Senior              2nd         Aubrey Rogers             Twin Ridges
                                    Amberlyn Anderson       Elementary School District
                                   Pascale Renoir-Snell      

2022 STEAM Arts Showcase & Competition

Top Finishers – Overall

Division     Place        Name                   School

Senior         1st             Austin Metzger      Nevada Union HS

Senior         2nd            Safari Davis         Nevada City School of the Arts

Senior         3rd            Owen Messer         Nevada Union HS  

Elementary  1st             Satiana McGregor   Nevada City School of the Arts

Elementary   2nd           Ella Bristow            Nevada City School of the Arts

Elementary  3rd            Rhoan Schoensee    Nevada City School of the Arts

2022 STEAM Arts Showcase & Competition

Top Finishers – TEAMS

Division       Place               Name                               School

Elementary   1st         Spin Art- TK-1st STEAM Classes   Deer Creek Elementary

Elementary   2nd      Watercolor Hearts – 2nd Grade      Scotten School GVSD

We would also like to thank our wonderful sponsor, Telestream, for taking the consideration and time to invest in our STEAM expo. Your sponsorship continues to help us fulfill our mission in supporting our Nevada County students.