We are all exposed to digital environments in one form or another, and many of us find that new technology can be frustrating to navigate. Nevada County Library is here to help. There are a variety of options for tech assistance at your local library, from drop-in tech sessions, workshops on specific software or platforms, and one-on-one appointments for in-depth troubleshooting. Library staff can provide basic assistance on a variety of devices – iPhones, tablets, Androids, laptops and more. Staff will refer you to a professional if the particular challenge is beyond their skillset. Find a tech help program through our online event calendar, or call (530) 265-7050 for assistance.

Tech Help at the library

Feeling uncertain about how to protect yourself online? On Friday, October 14th at 10:00 am, the Madelyn Helling Library’s monthly program, Tech it Out, focuses on cybersecurity. Resident tech expert, Mike, will discuss how to protect yourself from social engineering and share information about anti-virus software.

In addition to in-person tech troubleshooting, the Nevada County Library offers several resources to learn more about specific software and tech concepts. Interested in basic HTML? Want to take a deep dive into Excel, Sharepoint or other Microsoft applications? You can access LinkedIn Learning classes for free with your library card. Visit nevadacountyca.gov/library and explore the “Online Resources” tab. Lifelong learning is available in a variety of topic areas with LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Skillshare and GetSetUp, made free to you by the California State Library’s CAreer Pathways initiative.

On October 21st at 11 am, Grass Valley Library will host an in-person workshop on GetSetUp, virtual classes for seniors! Join other seniors in a live online environment and participate in classes taught by peers. Learn about your iPhone, Android, the Zoom platform, take a morning fitness class or a gardening course! There is a lot to do with this free virtual platform.

Next time you’re finding yourself frustrated with your new device, struggling to text your relatives that great photo from last weekend or trying to set up an email account – turn to your local library for assistance. Library staff can help in a variety of ways, with in-person tech drop-ins, one-on-one appointments or classes on specific platforms.

For more information, visit the Events Calendar at nevadacountyca.gov/library (filter by the Event Type “Computers & Technology”) or call (530) 265-7050.