Grass Valley – NID and the Nevada County Resource Conservation District (NCRCD) are highlighting the multiple benefits of using mulch for gardening and landscaping with the 2nd Annual Mulch Magic Giveaway. This event will provide approximately 160 cubic yards of shredded redwood bark to community residents, and is part of NID’s continuing efforts to promote conscientious water use and conservation in our region.

The Mulch Magic Giveaway begins today, April 26, 2017, and will continue through June 30, 2017, or while supplies last. The community is invited to participate and may now begin picking up vouchers from the NID Business Office, located at 1036 West Main Street in Grass Valley, or the NCRCD office, located at 113 Presley Way, Suite 1 in Grass Valley. Each voucher entitles the holder to ½ cubic yard of mulch per residence, and is redeemable at Rare Earth Landscaping in Grass Valley, or Four Seasons Landscaping in Penn Valley. The mulch is provided in bulk and will require a truck for pickup.

Some of the benefits of using mulch include:

  • Sixty gallons of water saved per week, by adding 2 to 3 inches of mulch around trees and plants for each 1,000 square feet of irrigated landscape.
  • Mulch keeps soil moist and slows evaporation, allowing water to sink into the soil, which reduces the rate of watering needed for plants to thrive.
  • Mulch breaks down into the soil, providing nutrients for trees and plants.
  • Mulch protects plants by moderating soil temperature and suppressing weeds.

For more information on the Mulch Magic Giveaway, or on the benefits of using mulch, please contact: Kaycee Strong at 530-273-6185, ext. 244.