Nisenan Tribal Members on Deer Creek Bridge, Nevada City, California.
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NEVADA CITY January 21, 2020 – The Onyx Theatre supports Nevada County’s ancient heritage through acknowledging Nisenan land that was never ceded and the California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project (CHIRP). This support includes announcements that recognize the Nisenan Tribe prior to each film screened at The Onyx Theatre.

“When you see the map of lands in Nevada County, you cannot help but realize that for thousands of years, people lived in the places where pavement and buildings now stand. The Onyx wishes to embody integrity and transparency. Recognizing the Nisenan Tribe is an important aspect of our community participation.” observes Celine Negrete, The Onyx Theatre General Manager.

The Nisenan thrived alongside the watersheds, flora and fauna of their ancestral lands in Nevada County. The Onyx Theatre joins other local businesses and organizations in supporting the Nisenan Tribe.

Learn more about how to support the Nisenan Tribe at or by emailing