October 12, 2017 – Wow, it sure is smoky here in California.
The best medicine is to move your body to grooving, flowing, polyrhythmic back porch world beat songs with great lyrics.
And feel even better that the proceeds of this concert go towards helping members of our community who are fire victims, and to YubaNet, for keeping us informed!
The Rayos live in a dance concert benefit!
The Rayos Big Band Ancient Wave Tribe (12-pieces, with horns, congas, and backup singers!) perform a dance concert Friday, October 13 at the Miner’s Foundry
Downtown Nevada City. Doors 7 pm/ Concert 8 pm.
Fabulous visuals by George Holden.
Leave that computer/phone screen behind and come back to this dimension, with real people, seeing friends and remembering why you live here. Celebrate the harvest season! Dress up in that outfit you’ve been saving for a special occasion!
Tickets, video and more info:

The Rayos are based in Nevada City, CA. Many in the band have supported Saul Rayo and wife Elena in earlier bands Rayo and Cocina del Mundo and have garnered devoted fans over the years. Recent members infuse freshness and innovation. The musicians rehearse and record live at the Rayos’ analog Ancient Wave Studios and encourage community and healing through their music. From the moment The Raylos & Ancient Wave Tribe hit the stage, a world of happines and spiritual connection opens up for the audience through their magical vibe. Come be a part of the tribe, dance for hours and drop in deep!

Ancient Wave Tribe members include Saul Rayo, Elena Rayo, Thomas Schuebel, Lou Meyer, Ajeet Campbell, Mark Thayer, Gary Greenberg, Kim Kinjo, Cassidy Joy, Doug Davies, and Brady Mills.