January 29, 2017 – Over 5 million women and men participated in the Women’s March worldwide on Saturday, January 21st.  Having just celebrated one of the largest marches in history, Nevada County women are marching forward and moving into action.
What began as intimate living room gatherings following the recent election quickly morphed into large-scale gather-ups under the newly formed, Indivisible Guide.  Designed by former progressive congressional staffers who have volunteered their time, the Indivisible Guide is intended to serve as a resource to all individuals who would like to more effectively participate in the democratic process.
At over 550 members strong and quickly growing, Indivisible Women Nevada County (IWNC) has been recognized (informally) by the national Indivisible team as one of the larger and most cohesive teams.   With the goal to serve as a model for other Indivisible groups, IWNC is coordinating and aligning with at least six other grass roots groups based in District 1 including, Nevada County, Auburn and Chico, all who are mobilizing as a result of the new federal administration and the Women’s March.
“The rapid growth of this group is testament to the people’s concern over the recent actions of our political leadership and its impact on the future of our Country.  What started with 35 women in a living room in early December has led to a Facebook group of over 500 women (and growing) who are actively involved in change at a grass roots level.  It is very empowering to be a part of,” says Barb DeHart, IWNC co-organizer.
Indivisible Women Nevada County is a results-oriented collective of women who are committed to engaging more fully at local, state and national levels to transform our political process.
While Indivisible Women Nevada County is designed specifically for women, other groups such as Yuba Indivisible, Indivisible Gold Country and the Local Democratic Indivisible Action Club are open to men and women.
“Women have awakened and are ready to rise up,”  says Elisa Parker of See Jane Do and IWNC co-organizer.  “In addition to resistance of the new administration we are also identifying solutions and systems to better serve and unify our community.  All women are welcome to participate in this group.  Our members range from long-standing activists to women who are stepping into an activist role and leadership for the first time.”
The next IWNC meeting is taking place on Sunday, January 29th, 1pm-4pm at Valentina’s Organic Bistro and Bakery, 841 Sutton Way, Grass Valley.
At this meeting the group will get connected with our inner leader, debrief on the recent Women’s Marches and focus on those actions that will create the greatest impact in the current political landscape.
What:  Indivisible Women Nevada County Gather-Up
When:  Sunday, January 29th, 1pm-4pm
Where:  Valentina’s Organic Bistro and Bakery, 841 Sutton Way, Grass Valley