On October 24, Del Oro Theatre presents a one night screening of the new documentary, Uncharitable. Co-presented by the Center for Nonprofit Leadership and hosted by Scott Beesley, CFP® and the Community Foundation of Nevada County, the event includes  the 90-minute film plus introductory remarks and a Q&A session following the movie with discussion around the implications of what the film presents for local giving.

Uncharitable – One Night Showing at Del Oro Theatre

After three of the most dynamic and successful U.S. charities were shut down by conservative charity watchdogs, destroying lives and cutting off precious resources, many of the top influencers in the field knew something had to be done to overhaul the nonprofit sector. Led by Dan Pallotta, this feature-length documentary directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal exposes the dark side of philanthropy and introduces a radical new way of giving. In a powerful call to action, Uncharitable demands that charities be freed from the traditional sackcloth-and-ashes constraints, so that they can truly change the world. Driven by the poignant, personal stories of Dan Pallotta, Steve Nardizzi, Dorri McWhorter, Scott Harrison, Edward Norton, Darren Walker and other prominent figures in philanthropy, Uncharitable delivers an emotional journey that moves, persuades and inspires its audience to change the way we think about giving.

Nevada County nonprofit organizations (and those beyond) have the potential, desire, tools, and experience to solve problems in our community. What they often lack are the necessary resources to accomplish those solutions.

“Investing in the overall work and missions of organizations, trusting those organizations to use those resources without restrictions to accomplish their strategic goals, and getting to know the organizations that have missions that closely align with your values are critical to seeing real change.” says Jennifer Singer, Executive Director of Bright Futures for Youth and Board President of the Center for Nonprofit Leadership.  She adds, “Don’t let bad actors and old ways of thinking interfere with solving the many problems we see affecting our community.”  

The idea that there can be a different way to think about how we support our many impactful organizations is not just the drive behind bringing Uncharitable to Nevada County, but also the very learning that the producers of the event hope the community takes away from the experience.  Wendy Willoughby, Managing Director of the Center for Nonprofit Leadership shares, “We seek to engage, not just nonprofit organizations’ staff and boards, but their donors too, and really, anyone who wants to make a difference in Nevada County.  CNL invites people to learn more, listen more, get involved – Our community needs each other more than ever before.”  

“This film is a game changer for how we look at – and maximize – the impact of philanthropy and our local nonprofit sector.” says, Scott Beesley, Certified Financial Planner® and socially responsible investment advisor, one of the event’s hosts. 

Cristine Kelly, Interim CEO, Community Foundation of Nevada County, another sponsor of the movie event, adds, “I remember listening to Dan Pallota open his TED talk with ‘Philanthropy is the market for love.’ Bam! Nonprofits are the foundation of our social economy. We rely on the nonprofit sector to provide us with arts, youth and family services, food security, sustainable agriculture and more- these all contribute to a healthy and thriving community. The Community Foundation of Nevada County is proud to sponsor this event, and looks forward to engaging in addressing the issues Pallota forwards in this timely film.”

Tickets for the movie film are available in advance at the Del Oro Box Office or online at www.sierratheaters.com.  

WHAT:  Uncharitable  

WHERE:  Del Oro Theatre, 165 Mill Street, Grass Valley

WHEN:  Tuesday, October 24 at 7:15 PM

TICKETS:  Admission $12 General, $9.50 Seniors, $9.00 Children, available at the Del Oro Box Office or www.sierratheaters.com

MORE INFO:  www.sierratheaters.com or 530-477-1100