TRUCKEE, Calif. January 11, 2017 – As many of you that live in the region have found out, there is a widespread power outage.  The utility companies are working as quickly as possible to restore power, but there is no estimated time for restoration to all customers.  If your cell-phone is your primary means of communications, consider conserving power on devices you would use for emergencies until you can charge the device.

Travel should be restricted to only essential needs.  We can reach residents in the event of an emergency, however roadways may not have been fully plowed yet and vehicles getting stuck will impact our ability to respond to emergencies.  The DPW snow removal schedule throughout the night was heavily impacted by significant snow accumulation and downed trees throughout the community.  Crews worked throughout the night to open major roadways in Town but some secondary roads have not been reached.  Some roadways could be impassable.

Some other issues:

The Town of Truckee Department of Public Works is addressing issues as quickly as possible during this snow event.  We thank everyone in advance for their patience and understanding.  Please do not use 911 to report non-life threatening emergencies.  Please use (530) 550-2320 to contact the Police Department.

It is highly advisable to not drive through uncleared streets and to limit travel unless absolutely necessary.  Due to the heavy snow fall amounts, Cal-Trans has restricted SR-267 to 4-wheel drive vehicles only (they are not allowing vehicles with chains over Brockway Summit).  This is example of the issues being faced region wide by all public service

Be safety conscious about using candles and secondary heat sources during the power outage.  These devices produce Carbon Monoxide (CO), an odorless and colorless gas that can cause death.  Make sure you have a working CO detector in your residence and precautions to avoid CO exposure.

The Town of Truckee is operating on a reduced schedule today for all non-essential services.  Police and Public Works crews are fully staffed, but other personnel are still attempting to dig out and arrive at work.  Please call ahead if you have questions or needs to save a trip.

All Town personnel what to thank you for your patience as we work to restore services.  DPW and the Police Department remain available 24 hrs a day to respond to emergencies.  While our crews are experiencing the same issues as our residents and visitors, they continue to try and preform to the level of expectations we have all become accustomed to.  The weather is expected to clear in the next day or two which should help greatly.