May 11, 2017 – Yosemite National Park will increase the permit fees for ascending Half Dome to a $10 application fee and a $10 permit fee. These fee increases will take effect when weather and snow conditions allow the Half Dome cables to be installed, at the end of May or early June 2017.

These fee increases are necessary to meet increased contractor costs. Currently, the application fee is $4.50 online and $6.50 by phone. The permit fees are currently $8.

The Half Dome cables are currently down, but are scheduled to be installed at the end of May. Due to heavy snow pack and weather conditions, cable installation may be delayed. The new Half Dome permit fees of a $10 application fee and a $10 permit fee will be charged beginning with the 2017 daily lotteries that will open once the cables are installed for the 2017 summer season. If cable installation is delayed, permit fees will be refunded to those who purchased permits through the preseason lottery.

Day use permits are required to ascend the Half Dome cables 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These permits are only available online through the daily lottery operated by To apply for a daily lottery permit, applications are accepted from 12:01 am to 1:00 pm two days in advance of the intended hiking date.

Day use permits cannot be obtained in person through any office in Yosemite National Park. Permit applicants must use their legal name when applying for a permit and a matching government-issued ID is required at the permit check point.

Overnight use permits are available through the Yosemite National Park Wilderness Center. For more information, visit

For updated 24-hour road and weather conditions for Yosemite National Park, please call 209-372-0200, press 1 and press 1 again.