October 14, 2018 – The Yuba County Office of Emergency Services was notified that PG&E may cut off power to some foothill residents as early as this afternoon. Below is the Code Red announcement we are putting out to residents in those areas. I will update everyone with more information, as it is received:

“PG&E reports power may be turned off to Yuba County foothill residents living from Collins Lake to Rackerby and all areas to the north and east due to forecast high winds. Power outage may occur as early as this afternoon and last three to five days or even longer. Residents are encourage to prepare for this event by stocking up on water, ice, and non-perishable foods. Fully charge mobile phones and other devices immediately. Persons who depend on power for medical needs are urged to temporarily relocate to somewhere that is not expected to be impacted by any outage. PG&E is considering this action to reduce wildfire risks.”

The Yuba County OES teams is in the Emergency Operations Center today to get this message out to as many residents as possible. Again, cutting of power may or may not happen. The decision belongs to PG&E. We are working now to set up a page that will link off of the Yuba.org site.