NEVADA CITY, Calif. November 13, 2018 – The latest update from the Nevada County Elections Office adds 9,177 ballots to the previous results.

In the countywide race for Sheriff, Shannan Moon substantially widened her lead with 19,356 or 57.88% of the votes, with the trend in her favor accelerating. Bill Smethers garnered 14,087 votes,  42.12% of the 33,443 ballots now tallied.

Truckee Town Council race with three seats up for grabs now has Anna Klovstad in the lead, followed by Morgan Goodwin and Chelsea Waterscheid. The race is still too close to call.

Grass Valley City Council with two open seats has Hilary Hodge in the lead with 1,769 votes, followed by Ben Aguilar with 1,549 votes. Editor’s note: This paragraph has been updated on November 13, 2018 at 2:47 PM to correctly reflect Hodge’s lead.

The full results are available for download as a pdf file here.

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  1. Are we the only ones who thinks it’s absurd that it’s taking so long for Nevada County to count our ballots?

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