WASHINGTON, D.C. February 21, 2023 – Today, Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) Chair Nanette Barragán issued the following statement on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) proposed rule on immigration and asylum eligibility:

“Earlier this week, and again today, I spoke to White House officials to express my disappointment and opposition to today’s notice of proposed rulemaking. We support recent efforts by this Administration to create additional legal pathways for individuals to come to this country without risking further danger. However, asylum is a legal right available regardless of a person’s manner of entry.

This proposed rulemaking makes it harder, not easier for those seeking asylum. It creates additional barriers and harsh penalties for many of those who come to the border seeking asylum. There are any number of reasons that people fleeing violence, persecution, and other situations may not be able to avail themselves of other options. 

To punish them for not being able to apply for asylum via an app or not being able to first exhaust a claim in a third country is wrong. It goes against our values as a country and against the spirit of our asylum laws. 

Historically, immigration and asylum policies have had a disproportionate negative impact on Latino migrants, asylum seekers, and their families. This proposed rulemaking is no different.

The CHC plans to oppose this rule and actively participate in the public comment period. We implore the Biden Administration to reconsider this proposed rulemaking that will be harmful to those seeking asylum.”