August 23, 2018 – On Friday, August 24th, between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. at the Public and Behavioral Health Offices located at 500 Crown Point Circle, Nevada County will be conducting an Active Shooter Preparedness Exercise as part of our Emergency Action Plan. County and Turning Point services at the Crown Point Circle building will be interrupted during the scheduled training. There will be signage throughout the area to alert neighboring businesses and visitors of the training. There will also be a number of law enforcement, emergency response vehicles, and training staff in the area to ensure that the exercise happens safely for all involved. Please avoid the campus until the training exercise is complete. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as these agencies participate in this vital public safety training.

Nevada County’s Emergency Action Plan, required by the State and OSHA, ensures a well-rehearsed, quick, and coordinated response that helps to save lives and ensure the continuity of essential services in the event of an emergency. The Active Shooter Preparedness Exercise is in response to the increase in active shooter events we have seen in schools, government agencies and public venues in recent years. FEMA has developed a “Run, Hide, Fight” protocol to help guide agencies on emergency response and training for active shooter situations.

Lieutenant Matteoni of the Grass Valley Police Department says, “Active shooter incidents evolve quickly and are often unpredictable. By training members of the community and practicing for these types of events we can mitigate the impacts of an active shooter incident.”

The exercise is a result of several months of preparation by Nevada County Risk Management, Grass Valley Police Department, Public Health, Behavioral Health and Turning Point staff, with the purpose of the exercise to educate County staff on the proper response to an active shooter situation, how law enforcement responds to active shooter situations, and what County staff can do to lessen injury and the loss of life in an active shooter situation.