FORBESTOWN, Calif. February 5, 2018 – Alton Wright wants to become the next Yuba County Supervisor for the people living in District 5.

“Having lived in the foothills for nearly twenty years, and with local family roots dating back to the late 1960’s, I love the people, the beauty and the opportunity of our incredible community. I also see the long-term challenges and hear the frustrations of people who feel ignored or misunderstood by their elected leaders.

This has to change. This is why I want to be the supervisor for you, the people.”

With his educational and professional background, Alton stands apart from others relying on past personal qualifications because he knows there’s a critical need to address real, everyday issues RIGHT NOW– Make the community more fire-safe, fix roads, support the needs of youth, families and seniors and fairly resolve the outdoor Cannabis challenge, as well as many others. District 5 can’t wait for the current, stagnant leadership to follow through on false promises or to see others who might be a cookie-cutter repeat of the past.

Like many of us, Alton is just a regular person: taking a load of firewood to a needy family, giving seniors vegetables grown on his sustainable farm or mentoring a young adult away from harmful drugs. He’s also the person to lead the effort to stop unfair water rate increases and to support local organizations bettering the community. This must-do attitude is the kind of supervisor he will be, whether it’s to advocate for more streamlined permitting processes, to ensure that appropriate funding is in place to support common sense law enforcement or to simply provide a fresh perspective on unsolved issues.

“I don’t profess to have all the answers or solutions, but I know they are out there, within the hearts and minds of our community and we can work together to find them. I know some decisions won’t please everyone, but I will always seek input from everybody affected. I will work tirelessly for the people, my neighbors, to make District 5 a better place than it is today. Let’s make Yuba County shine above all others!”

District 5 covers a vast, diverse geographic area including Strawberry Valley, Camptonville, Smartsville, Rackerby, Challenge, District 10, Hallwood, Northeastern Marysville, Loma Rica, Browns Valley, Dobbins, Oregon House, Brownsville and the southern edges of Clipper Mills and Forbestown, the neighborhood Alton lives in.

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