Nevada County, CA – Ten Nevada County Amateur Radio Emergency Services’ members were sworn-in as Nevada County OES Disaster Service Worker Volunteers during their December 1st meeting at the Nevada County Airport. Lt. Sean Scales, Emergency Operations Coordinator, NCSO and Office of Emergency Services administered the Oath. In May of 2022, NC OES and NC ARES signed a Memorandum of Understanding establishing a framework for joint cooperation. “NC-ARES volunteers are another local resource Nevada County OES can call upon to support our community” said Lt. Scales.

Nevada County ARES Members are sworn-in as Nevada County OES Disaster Service Worker Volunteers. Photo by Cal McKitrick. L-R (seated) Robin De Negri N6ZPO, Peter Mason N6ERL, L-R (standing) Cal McKitrick AI6MC, Martin Twer AJ6OH, Mark Triolo N6PVI, Sean Robichaud K6ACN, John Hart KE6FIQ, Jeff Wagner KK6CUG, Jan Woldseth KB6FMZ, (not pictured) Drew Mazer KN6MMK

Amateur Radio Emergency Services® (ARES) is a program of the ARRL, the national organization for Amateur Radio. “ARES members use their radio equipment and training to provide radio communications support to local agencies during emergencies including Nevada County OES and the American Red Cross” said Peter Mason, NC-ARES Emergency Coordinator. And, in addition to agency support, NC-ARES sponsors a free educational program for local neighborhoods called Neighborhood Radio Watch. “In three in-person meetings, households learn the benefits of and how to use hand-held GMRS** radios to communicate during emergency situations when internet, phone and cell services become un-available or fail”, said Mark Triolo, NC-ARES GMRS Program Leader. For more information:              

NC-ARES invites local Amateur Radio Operators to join our ARES team. ARES members meet twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Thursday in the evening. Meetings include training on communications technique and equipment including digital communications using amateur radio to send email when local internet and cell services fail or become un-available. For more information:

**General Mobile Radio Service.