GRASS VALLEY, CA June 27, 2020 – Bob Branstrom, an active community advocate, announced he is running for the Grass Valley City Council. A resident of Grass Valley’s Wolf Creek Lodge Cohousing community, he has been active as a volunteer in many local organizations since moving to Grass Valley in 2013.

In announcing his run for City Council, he said, “Grass Valley is home and I want to use my experience to serve my hometown. The City was hit hard last year by power shutoffs and this year by the coronavirus. We face a difficult future as we recover from these events. Grass Valley needs balanced, cooperative, and well-informed leadership to protect and strengthen our community, and to support our residents and businesses. I am committed to providing this for Grass Valley.

“We need to diversify our local job base and be supportive of our young families and community elders. This means ensuring the safety of all our residents and visitors, and encouraging everyone to participate productively in our community.

“I believe my background in business, government, and education, plus my volunteer work with local non-profits, provides the experience and wisdom needed to represent all of Grass Valley.”

Branstrom’s career included six years in state government as a program analyst; 10 years in the banking industry as a Financial Analyst, Manager, and Asst. Vice President; and 10 years in the healthcare industry as a Senior Research Analyst. He is a supporter of many local non-profit groups and currently serves on the Board of Directors at Sierra Streams Institute. He has volunteered with many groups, including the Nevada County Master Gardeners, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, and the League of Women Voters of Western Nevada County. In 2018, he was one of a group honored by SYRCL as Volunteer of the Year for 2017. He has also served on both the Measure A (Library Sales Tax) and Measure B (High School Bond) Citizens’ Oversight Committees.

Bob is a graduate of both the Nevada County Citizens’ Academy and the Nevada County Community Leadership Institute programs. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from UC Berkeley, a Master of Science Degree in Agriculture Economics from UC Davis, and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Psychology from UC Berkeley.

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