Butte County, Calif. July 15, 2020 – On Thursday, July 9, the Bangor fire burned 2.52 acres of grass and oak woodland off Oro Bangor Highway. A CAL FIRE/Butte County Fire Department investigator determined the fire was caused by a riding lawnmower blade hitting a rock, creating a spark.

The responsible party was mowing in the afternoon without an adequate water supply or a firefighting tool such as a shovel being present, as is required when operating equipment within State Responsibility Area (SRA) lands.

The investigator issued a citation for a violation of California Public Resource Code (PRC) 4428, an Equipment-Caused Fire.

Conditions in the North State are extremely dry. If you are going to mow or use any powered equipment outdoors, you must finish working by 10:00 am, and never on a windy day. Always remember that a single spark can cause a devastating wildfire.