GRASS VALLEY, Calif. April 28, 2017 – A few weeks ago, during Representative Doug LaMalfa’s town hall meeting at the fairgrounds in Grass Valley, I wanted to get up and ask a few questions. Being shy about public speaking I hesitated, and all of a sudden there were a hundred people in line.  By the end of the Q&A, some of my questions were touched upon, but none were answered.  If I had made it to the microphone, I would have asked:  “Congressman LaMalfa, please answer yes or no to the following.”
Question One:  Trump Lies.
Will you call out President Trump for his lies?  He said that three to four million illegal votes were cast in the last election.  He said Obama bugged his hotel before the election, and it was like Watergate, and the former President of the United States is a bad (sick) guy.  He said he can’t show his taxes because they’re under IRS audit. He said the Free Press is fake news and the enemy of the people.  Global warming is a hoax. 
Do you endorse these lies?  Yes or no? You have one minute to say why.  Long answers confuse people.
Question Two: The Election and the Russian Connection
Do you believe that when a foreign enemy hacks into our voting system, this threatens our national security and the very integrity of our democracy?  Yes or no. 
If yes, do you think congressional committees controlled by the Republican Party, which may have benefited from this foreign espionage, can be trusted to investigate their own party, or do you believe a nonpartisan independent investigation by a Select Committee of Congress, such as was formed for Watergate, should hold a fair and open public investigation that follows the evidence wherever it leads, even if it leads to the top leadership of the Republican Party?  Yes or no?  Why or why not?  60 seconds. It’s not that complicated.
Question Three:  The Budget 
Do you support a budget that benefits the rich at the expense of the poor?
A budget that will give tax cuts of $900 billion to millionaires and billionaires and to pay for it by making major cuts to: Meals on Wheels for elders, school lunches for poor kids, medical research, environmental protection, climate research, UN Famine Relief, the National Endowment for the Arts & the Humanities, Public Broadcasting, libraries?
Do you think billionaires need these tax cuts?  Yes or no.
Question Four:  Our Reputation in the World.
Do you think Donald Trump is fulfilling the duties of the presidency when he:  insults our Mexican neighbors by saying they will pay for the wall, refuses to read the Daily Intelligence Briefings while watching FOX News to become informed.   Calls judges political because they vote against him.  Calls our intelligence agencies Nazis because they leak information that is embarrassing to him.  For years claimed that President Obama didn’t have an American birth certificate, and never apologized when he was wrong.  Bragged about grabbing a woman’s genitals because he is famous and can get away with it.  Led chants of  LOCK HER UP to get elected.  Publicly mocked the handicapped.  I could go on and on. 
How long will you stand by and enable the leader of the Republican Party to demean the office of the President of United States and damage the reputation of our country throughout the world?
You don’t have to answer that question. Your actions will.