GRASS VALLEY, Calif. December 7, 2020 – On December 4, 2020 Grass Valley / Nevada City Engine 5 was dispatched to a gas hazard in Morgan Ranch. Engine 5 arrived at scene and determined the leak was possibly coming from a hot water heater in the garage. Crews secured the gas at the meter and requested PG&E. The couple that lived in the home was elderly and were concerned about the safety of their home. The company officer offered to remain at scene and await the arrival of PG&E.

While waiting the couple remained out of their home and were talking about doing yard work and mentioned the need to clear off the roof of fallen leaves. When the Engine 5 crew realized that the man was going to attempt to get on the roof and do it himself, the Firefighters recognized a dangerous situation and offered to do it while they waited. The Engine Company was able to clear the roof and gutters, by far exceeding the expectations of the homeowners.

In an email from the homeowner, he stated, “I’ve had a couple of my neighbors ask me how I managed to get my roof cleared by Grass Valley FD, and I just smiled and said ‘fire safety.’ You guys are the BEST.”

The Grass Valley / Nevada City Fire Department is grateful for the opportunity to go above and beyond our normal duties and assist in other ways when needed.