GRASS VALLEY, Calif. December 22, 2020 – The first doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine arrived today at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital in Grass Valley. The initial doses were administered to Chief of the ER Dr. Dawn Harris and ER Nurse Steve Russel.

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VP and Chief Nursing Officer Lori Katterhagen and SNMH President/CEO Dr. Brian Evans were on hand to observe while plans for tomorrow’s vaccination schedule were finalized.

Dr. Harris was all smiles after Nurse Shin administered the first shot. Harris said she was looking forward to her shift tomorrow and joined the applause for Nurse Steve, the second healthcare worker to be vaccinated. Everyone will need a second injection in three weeks.

Dr. Evans said he was very glad to see the hospital staff getting these first doses and is looking forward to expanding the program. Additional doses are slated to arrive shortly.

Nevada County Public Health Director Jill Blake stated, “We are so happy to support our local healthcare providers who have been risking their health and safety as they care for those who are most ill. The arrival of the vaccine will help protect those who provide care to our friends, families and neighbors, and it indicates the beginning of an intervention that will eventually end this pandemic, allowing us to return to a healthy community and a healthy economy.”