Nevada City, CA December 7, 2016 – John Foster, Grass Valley Police Chief from 1998 through 2015, today announced his candidacy for Nevada County Sheriff. The Sheriff race will be on the June 2018 ballot.

“I have served the citizens of Grass Valley for over 17 years as Chief of Police. During my tenure, I was successful in coordinating and providing the highest quality of community policing services,” Foster said, “It’s now time to take my over three decades of law enforcement experience to the county level.”

Foster stepped down as Grass Valley Police Chief at the end of December, 2015. Lieutenant Alex Gammelgard assumed the position.

Foster took a few months off to be with family and fully explore options. He feels he isn’t done serving his community. “For years I’ve been approached by people asking me to consider running for Nevada County Sheriff,” Foster continues. “After reflecting on what I am able to bring to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department, my family and I have come to the decision that I will ask the citizens of Nevada County for their support in electing me their next sheriff.”

With over 27 years of law enforcement leadership, Foster is confident he possesses the skill and experience to enhance the services provided by the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department. Accomplishments include success in local community policing programs, strengthened partnerships with citizens, youth, school districts, and the business community. Foster says, “Over my career, I’m proud to have gained a reputation for creativity, innovation and collaboration, within the organization and the broader community.” He hopes to take that experience to the county level.

“With the help of the dedicated men and women employed by the Sheriff’s Department, I feel we can take the organization to the next level. Every agency has areas where improvement can be made. It’s the job of the Sheriff to lead the agency in providing the best service to residents and visitors of Nevada County. I feel that together we can do that.”

Foster is interested in learning from each member of department staff, as well as the public, as to areas where the organization might be improved. “This is why I’m announcing my candidacy at this time,” states Foster. “I want time to meet with everyone who has an opinion. It’s important to me that each individual wishing to share their thoughts have the opportunity to meet with me.”

Foster reminds everyone that the Sheriff works for the citizenry. “Whenever we approach the ballot box, I feel it’s important that we have a choice. The community will determine whom they wish to serve them, and I am hopeful it will be me. I’m willing to work hard to earn and retain the community’s support.”

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