January 19, 2018 – The Women’s Rights focus group of Indivisible Women Nevada County (IWNC) is presenting a screening of the film, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, in honor of the 45th anniversary of the passage of Roe v. Wade. As the Huffington Post notes “it celebrates the creativity of feminist activism” during Second Wave Feminism and “you will leave amazed … that this vast breadth of human courage and perseverance has been mostly omitted from mainstream American history.”

Indivisible Women Nevada County took shape after the 2016 election and is patterned on the Indivisible Guide. Membership on Facebook is over 3,100 women strong. Based on members’ interests and passions focus groups on Equal Rights for All, Education, Immigration, Health Care Reform, Environmental Action, Gun Safety, La Malfa Watch, CD1 Media, Reaching Across the Aisle, and Women’s Rights were formed. Gather Up meetings are held on the second Sunday of each month in Grass Valley or Nevada City. Please text the word “join” to 530-379-2174 to get the IWNC text messages.

The Women’s Rights group’s main issues to educate, advocate and influence are Domestic Violence prevention, The ERA, and Reproductive Justice. With these key issues in mind, Women’s Rights sponsored the IWNC monthly gather-up on Jan. 14th, presenting information on the many facets of Title IX, Title X and reproductive health clinics such as Citizens for Choice and The Clinic! , and The Green Dot program by Community Beyond Violence.

Additionally, a detailed overview of the anti-women and families voting history of Rep. Doug La Malfa (R-Richvale) was distributed and explained.

Please join us for this FREE event at the Madelyn Helling Library Community Room on Tuesday, January 30th at 6:30pm.

Donations will be accepted to cover the cost of the room rental.

Any additional donations will be given to Citizens for Choice (citizensforchoice.org)

Citizens for Choice was founded by a coalition of five committed women activists in 1989. Representing local women’s organizations, these visionary women realized the critical need for women’s access to reproductive healthcare and unbiased sex-education in Nevada County. Citizens for Choice became an independent organization in 1992, incorporated as a California 501 (c) (3) non-profit public health corporation. In 2006, Citizens for Choice partnered with Women’s Health Specialists to open The Clinic!, (at 120 Richardson St, Suite A, in GV ) offering high quality education and free/affordable healthcare care for the sexual and reproductive health of women, men, and teens, in a compassionate, non-judgmental and confidential environment. The purpose at Citizens for Choice is to provide unbiased information, education, and health services which support each individual’s reproductive rights.